63 W 37th St.

New York, NY 10018

Phone number: (212) 575-8881

Website http://www.pokeworks.com/

Stars: 4

Price: $$

Service: 4.5

Value: 4.5

Ambiance: 3

Vegetarian friendly: ✓


It all started when I saw a sushi burrito flying in the air on my Instagram feed screaming eat me! I realized there was a food trend whose van wagon I needed to hop on, so I did some research to find a sushi burrito to plow my face into and stumbled upon Pokéworks. Affordable, rocking in flavor and quality, Pokéworks is all about getting you in and out fast, with the best, most well dressed marinated fish. You can choose from the menu or customize your own creation in a chipotle style assembly line adding as many delicious toppings and sauces as you crave!

The first time I ordered the burrito, padded with perfectly cooked fluffy sushi rice. I filled it with thick chunks of salmon, tuna, and a bunch of other yummy add-ons (seaweed salad, avocado, crab, fried onions, pickled ginger, and tobiko.) When I finally managed to get my mouth around the burrito harmonious bites of juicy perfection erupted major pleasure with every chomp.

The last few times I went, I chose the bowl because the burrito couldn’t handle everything I wanted to stuff it with and after a while, neither could my jaw. I wanted to switch my fish up too so I went with the scallops, fresh, plump balls of sweetness.

Overall, I have no complaints so far, except once, they ran out of avocado, and I almost cried. But I bought one next door and life was complete again!

I’ve turned a bunch of friends onto this place too. They all love it and clearly you know how I feel. The seating situation is whack though, so I recommend walking to Bryant Park as they have great outdoor tables!

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