Wagamama – A beautiful dissapointment

Good at best. Given all of the hype, I had to try these magnificently photogenic bowls of food, but I was left underwhelmed. Curious about my dismay, I asked other food bloggers their thoughts, and apparently I wasn’t the only one. This place is really just okay.

I started with a basic sirloin salad. A salad for crying out loud. This should be easy right? Apparently not. Although fresh, the greens were slathered in a tasteless oily vinaigrette. The steak hadn’t the slightest bit of taste. There was no char no caramelization and no smile on my face. After several regretful bites, I returned it. But I was still craving meat so I got the bulgogi tappenyaki.

When this noodle plate arrived, it looked as incredible as it did on my Instagram feed. As for taste, the noodles were super greasy and lacked salt, which I found incredibly weird because Asian food typically leans on the saltier side. The steak again was alright. It had a bit more char than the sirloin on the salad but who goes out to dinner for an alright steak? I wanted Asian flavors to burst in my mouth — instead I was searching for them, wondering, are my taste buds dead?

But what about the ramen? I will say, it did have the strongest flavor of the night, but it wasn’t a pleasent one. All I tasted was the bamboo that completely overpowered the subtleties of what could have been a very delicious broth. The chicken was cooked well but I wanted a bambooless broth to slurp it up with.

There is a reason why social media plays such an essential roll in a restaurant’s success. Instagrammer’s beautiful pictures appeal to our hungry eyes, eager to taste the newest, hippest food spots. It happened to me as I even posted a 5/10 dish on my page too. That’s why I wrote this post to let you know it’s just a 5/10 maybe a 6 on a better night. Or maybe I didn’t try enough, but I have no reason to go back. Yes, the service is good, the décor is nice but nothing tastes as delicious as it looks.

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