Dip Into This: Yoghurt…

Unless you’re a picky eater or a monotonous bore who prefers routine, odds are you like to occasionally switch things up and try out new brands. Yet, when the time comes to play the field, how the hell are you supposed to know which brand is worth your experimentation when there are dozens out there all claiming to make the best version of the same damn thing?! Take yoghurt for example – your spoon life has dulled and you’re ready to scoop up something a bit more exciting. Upon arriving in the yoghurt aisle though, you’re overwhelmed by the sea of choices…

Do you…


A. wing it and grab the first thing of yogurt you see


B. anxiously consider each item until it’s been five minutes and you realize how pathetic you are (like I would normally do)?

The answer: Neither! –You grab a Noosa.

Because, if the idea of ridiculously satisfying yogurt, with a bright smack of fresh fruity magic sounds appealing, Noosa is for yousa!! I recently discovered this whimsical tub of delight, and ever since, I’ve had no desire to dip my spoon elsewhere. The brand, as a whole is a total winner, from the quirky packaging, complete with feel good puns, to the array of flavors varying from easy to love classics, to (dare I say, ground breaking) winner combos like raspberry habanero, and blackberry serrano. The yoghurts themselves are all super smooth, not too sweet, and mildly creamy (but not overly rich.) and their newest tubs come with irresistible, crunchy toppings!

So without further a do….

My top 5 MUST TRY flavors, all of which induce an eye rolling sigh any man would be proud to give, are:

  1. Coconut, chocolate almond
  2. Honey pretzel peanut
  3. Banana Chocolate peanut
  4. Honey cranberry almond
  5. Raspberry

Now, I hope my more passionate than you expected yoghurt rant has convinced you to (if you haven’t already) enjoy your next favorite yoghurt.




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