Are Joe Kidding Me! Joe and the Juice what have you done?!

Dear Joe and the Juice!

Woah, What the hell?! What happened to your insanely delicious, vanilla kissed granola? It was replaced by sugary, as basic as it gets, Nature Valley granola! And where did your softly sweetened almond milk go? You got rid of it entirely, only to replace it with acrid, saw dusty almond milk that couldn’t froth if its life depended on it!

If your argument to switch from sweetened to unsweetened almond milk is that you’re trying to shift towards a less sugary menu, fine. But then you replace you’re hardly sweetened granola with the most sugar packed, processed Nature Valley granola to accompany your already sweet enough smoothie base. It just doesn’t add up. After all your vanilla milk ladened shakes are still chilling on the menu…So what is it then? Are you trying to cut costs at the expense of quality and taste!? I need answers for I’m perplexed, disappointed and feel an acute sense of vacancy as my morning meal routine that I’ve held so deer, has officially been derailed….

Your almond caps and breakfast clubs used to be my go-tos — The exact reasons I had not one, but two loyalty cards. Now, besides your kick ass baristas, I find myself without reason to return to the place I’ve loved since 2014 (when I discovered Joe and the Juice while studying abroad in Copenhagen). Please have sweetened almond milk as an option, (just like you offer whole milk and 2%) And for the love of breakfast, PLEASE bring back your old granola or I guess I’ll only visit for the occasional sandwich, that is, only if you keep your famous bread…which upon reading this to an amused barista, I just found out you actually changed too. #Sad

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  • Angelika (lovelyfoodiebcn) 9 months ago Reply

    OMG!!! It’s so crazy news. Still can’t believe that restaurants and coffee shops still keep radically changing some part of the menu, but they forget about loyalty and local people who was coming only for that exactly taste!!! Why changing something when is so good? For me only costs too.. and I agree that they need to put it like option and return the granola… 😰

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