The Wild Son – A Bangin’ Brunch!


53 Little W 12th St, New York, NY 10014

(212) 727-7900

Food: 5

Price: $

Service: 4

Value: 5

Ambiance: 4

Vegetarian friendly: ✓+

After a long work week, nothing resets me better than a high quality brunch. However, good brunching is often hard to come by as many of these “coveted” weekend eateries don’t take reservations, have ridiculous wait times, and serve food that doesn’t live up to the Instagram hype. Luckily for me though, my brunch today at The Wild Son was everything I wanted and more. From the manageable 15 minute outside wait (during prime hour), to the friendly service, and mostly importantly to ridiculously flavorful food, this down to earth gem was an all round winner.

Whether you’re a carnivore who’s never counted calories, or dieting fiend who only eats vegetables for dinner (no judgment, I’ve been there) you will find more than one dish to love. I say that because I tried 3 dishes and they were all on fleek.

I ordered the all day-everyday vegan (shredded greens, diced market vegetables, roasted squash, farro, salted granola & all day dressing)+avo, (duh) which I made not so vegan by adding a fried egg-(oops).

The kale was legit fresh out da soil- I swear there’s a garden in the back and they harvest their greens to order. The miso dressing was a flavor bomb of richness that perfectly married all the ingredients together, a true 10/10 considering this wasn’t exactly an indulgent dish.

As for the other grub, one friend has the yogurt bowl (Greek yogurt, market fruit granola, honey, sprouted flax, bee pollen & toasted coconut). This thing was instaworthy af, decorated to the nines like a fine acai bowl. My bad for not sharing a pic, but I didn’t want to bother my peoples with endless snaps. When I had a spoonful, my eyes shot open, “Jesus that’s a dope fucking bowl of yogurt!” I blurted that out a little too loud. Why was I so enthused by a seemingly basic bowl of yogurt with some toppings? Go see for yourself!

My other brunch mate got the Blueberry Corn Waffle (warm honey butter & house made clabber cream). I had two bites of this one. The exterior – nicely crisp, the inside, steaming with fresh corny goodness, all topped with tight skinned blueberries and a buttery syrup so good, I’d lick it off just about anything. Ugh, I’ll never see waffles the same ever again!

So that’s it for the awesome food, but did I mention that The Wild Son is pretty damn cheap too? I need to go back and try more, perhaps one of their baller sandwiches would do, or their grain bowl, or those tartines, or maybe that waffle…I should probably calm down, but what can I say, I’ve caught the feels…

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